Who is David Smith?

The short answer? I’m a generalist with many digital skills. I’m good at dreaming up ideas and building digital products. My main skills are UX/UI design, front-end and back-end development.

As for the long answer, there’s slightly more to it. I have always been interested in creating and problem-solving from a young age. As divine intervention would have it, my interest in development, design, construction and creativity coincided with the dawn of the information age. Growing up in the modern digital world, I was able to use the web and related technology to fuel these interests.

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As a young boy, I took great delight in spotting the latest craze before it became mainstream, but my passion has always been in creating and starting trends rather than following them. This stayed with me throughout my career, which has enabled me to take a concept and a blank page, and create a digital product that is user-intuitive, smart and custom built to make a difference.

What excites me?

I am looking to collaborate and build connections through which together we can develop new, meaningful and exciting ideas, but before you jump on board, I’m sure you want to know more about what it is I can bring to the table. As a person who is passionate about bringing around social change, I approach each opportunity by embracing the things that make me tick, such as:

  • Ideas

    I’m never short of an idea, and love thinking of ways to solve real problems. Furthermore, I make sure I action each idea – I’m quick to build prototypes, try things out, gather feedback and continuously improve.

  • Challenges

    Growth mindset is a big part of my approach to tackling new projects and challenges. I believe that FAIL stands for First Attempts In Learning, and that rather than being a hindrance, failure is actually a crucial element of success.

  • Storytelling

    I enjoy telling stories and using analogies to describe and sell ideas and products, and develop brand identities.

  • Creating

    I am able to invent, design, build, re-work and generate digital products to serve a range of functions. I’m also technically-minded in that everything I build has to work well, and so I never hold back when it comes to reaching out and researching new ways to improve the performance of everything I build.

  • Change

    No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “Everybody loves progress, but nobody likes change,” but here’s where I disagree. I thrive on change and attempting new things. If I find that I don’t have the particular skill-set to solve a certain problem, I am quick to collaborate with those that do to reach a solution. I think working in a team is a great way to learn, develop and achieve more than what could be done without the support of other like-minded individuals. I genuinely enjoy working with people, and look forward to the opportunity to work alongside you too.

Want to get involved?

Whether you have a rough idea, a fully-fledged concept, or an existing product that has seen a breakdown in user experience, I can help.

It could be that you require my skillset to help with your project, or perhaps you have a like-minded passion for generating new ideas that could help with one of mine. There are a number of ways in which we can collaborate: