Modern networking for modern people.

Web app Sep 2016 - Present

Is it me, or has networking today becoming
a little … impersonal?

Amid a million apps that enable people to network and connect online, there are very few that pair like-minded, local individuals in person. With Coffee Club, we plan to change all that, providing people the opportunity to collaborate and build business relationships using the good old fashioned method of meeting one-to-one at your favourite nearby coffee house – where else?

How does it work?

Coffee Club is an easy, free app that helps people register their interests, likes and their goals for meeting people locally. It then matches users that would be an appropriate connection to enable people to make new contacts and grow their professional network.

Getting started is simple:

  • Users create a profile using their location, and list their interests along with their goals for networking. Initially, user profiles are anonymous until a meeting is set up, as this prevents sales and recruiters from targeting users, and stops people picking others based on appearance or for personal reasons.
  • The Coffee Club app then starts matching interests and pairing the right people with one another. We know that modern life is busy, and so the app takes care of all the hard work for you. No need to scroll through countless profiles or set preferences – like a personal PA, the app tells you what, when and how to proceed to make your life easier.
  • Once a pair has been matched, the app will send out a date/time poll via email and notification with a range of future dates and times. If both users are available at on the selected dates, the meeting is set.
  • Coffee Club users convene for a scheduled 30-minute meeting to talk shop, get to know one another, and see if there’s the potential to work together. Users can cancel up until and on the day of the meeting, but there may be a penalty applied to their profile for doing so.

Coffee Club will even send you a notification reminding you of your meeting on the day, and will also send you a picture of the contact you can expect to meet.

Meetings made simple

Your initial meeting should last no longer than 30 minutes (as it’s a chemistry meeting), and so Coffee Club will set an alarm to help you keep track of time.

Following the meeting, users receive a small and quick survey to give feedback on it. Once the connection is then made in person, users are free to continue to meet as they wish and develop this new-found professional connection. The Coffee Club app also allows users to recommend people to one another to help other users build their list of contacts as well.

Let’s face it, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. This is where real friendships and business relationships are formed, and that’s where Coffee Club can help.