The award-winning:
Walking Bus App for Schools.

Web app Jan 2015 - Jan 2016

Making it easy, safe and fun for kids to get to school.

Crocodile is an online platform and smartphone app for schools and parents to facilitate the organisation of walking buses to school.  To engage the children, the app enables gamification through reward schemes for pupils, classes or year groups. Crocodile will also create useful analytics for schools, helping them understand trends in walking bus activities.

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All about team Crocodile

The idea for this app was born out of the Green Capital Digital Challenge and has grown a lot since then. We are 5 individuals (Feb 2015 to Jan 2016), all IT/digital professionals and the majority of us are in the web and marketing space along with one team member who is a Sustainability expert helping organisations improve environmental and social impact.

We’re trying, in some small part, to tackle a problem that affects most people at some stage in their lives – getting their kids to school. We’re promoting a way to get kids who would normally be driven, yawning and groggy, to walk or cycle to school with a group of friends and arrive bright-eyed and alert. We’re aiming big too – there’s no reason this can’t be applied nationwide or even worldwide.

We’re excited, and we’d like you to come along on our journey.